Synthetic Wigs Or Real Human Hair Wigs?

It is not possible to recommend a hair fiber type in general. In general, all types of fiber have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the requirement or use. A major advantage of real hair, for example, is the ability to change your own styling, while an advantage of synthetic hair wigs is that they are easy to care for. In the following article and in our videos, we have put together for you what needs to be considered:


In contrast to synthetic fibers, human hair wigs can withstand heat and can therefore be waved, straightened or curled without hesitation - just as you wish. Dyeing is also possible under certain circumstances. However, the disadvantage remains that real hair is more time-consuming and expensive to care for and often has to be styled into the desired shape after each wash. The synthetic fiber wig, on the other hand, has only one look, but is always styled, even if you have washed it - simply let it dry, shake it up and put it on. Last but not least, one has to realize that the selection of human hair wigs is smaller, but the prices, e.g. due to the more complex production, are higher. 


All Advantages And Disadvantages At A Glance:


1. Real Human Hair Wigs

• The human hair can be dyed
• The human hair can be straightened or curled
• Human hair lasts longer than synthetic fibers


• Human hair is the most expensive
• Human hair is more time-consuming to care for
• Less choice of models

Real Human Hair Wigs

2. Synthetic Hair Wigs

• The synthetic fiber is always fully styled
• The synthetic fiber is easier to care for
• The synthetic fiber is cheaper
• Large selection of models


• If there is friction, there is a risk of the ends of the hair becoming matted

• The synthetic fiber does not tolerate heat
• The synthetic fiber cannot be changed or styled
• The synthetic fiber does not last as long as human hair