How to wear a wig comfortably in summer?

The weather is so hot in summer, and how to wear a wig in hot weather has become a big challenge for many wig wearers. Don't worry! Today we at partywardrobe are sharing some pro tips for wearing a wig for summer while still keeping cool.


Tip #1. Choosing the Right Hair Length and Density


When wearing a wig in the summer, one of the important things to keep your wig cool is to have as little wig (weight and density) as possible on your head. Shorter wig styles with a shorter/natural density will be a great option on hot days. Such as bob styles wigs and pixie cuts. If short styles are not your thing, you can also opt for shoulder-length or mid-length styles, which you can wear into a ponytail or messy bun when you feel the heat. The recommended density for summer wigs is 100% or 130%.


Tip #2. Choose the right cap structure


When wearing a wig everyday or for a long time, it is easy to feel uncomfortable if your scalp gets hot and starts to sweat. Lace front caps are considered the most breathable and lightweight bottom caps because of the extra breathability of the "lace" material compared to many other wig cap materials. Especially in hot weather, wearing a lace wig would be a great choice!

Partywardrobe Lace Front Cap

Partywardrobe Lace Front Cap

Tip #3. Choose a lighter color


We always avoid dark clothes in summer because dark colors absorb heat very well, especially in summer. The logic here is the same. Dark wigs can absorb a lot of heat on hot, sunny days. If you're struggling with the heat, then you might like to opt for lighter colored wigs such as blonde, pink, light blue, etc.


Tip #4. buy the right hat/lining


On hot days, some people don't even wear wig caps/pads at all. In fact, a good wig cap can provide extra ventilation. Partywardrobe has created a comfortable wig cap/liner made from an ultra-light and cool material - viscose. The viscose wig cap always gives a cool feeling when you wear it on your head - it's a must-have when you wear a wig in the summer, so you can have a beautiful look on hot summer days!