Why do actresses like blonde hair so much?

At various dinner parties and big events, we can see many blonde actresses and models quickly attracting people's attention and becoming the center of attention. Blonde hair, which seems to have become a popular aesthetic in contemporary America and even throughout Europe, makes the whole person more fairy and hot. Some actresses with naturally brown hair have even dyed their hair blonde to gain more attention and affection. So why do celebrities like blonde hair?


Historically, blonde hair was preferred because lighter hair may help women attract men, who have become scarce. Today, most people believe that blonde hair color is more elegant and attractive on a psychological level, and more and more celebrities are influenced by this and are pursuing blonde hair color to catch up with the trend.


Multiple studies have shown that blonde hair is more psychologically beneficial to women, especially celebrities, and can help them get the attention they crave. In addition, as a traditional aesthetic, blondes have always played an important role in film and television.


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After the American gold rush, television and movies began to emerge and the entertainment industry gradually developed. It seems that people still retain their passion for the overnight riches brought by gold and are still obsessed with it. Monroe as the representative, silly and sweet-looking, but the body is full of blonde hair, blue eyes, red lips, flamboyant looks quickly occupied the popularity of women, occupying the mainstream. Even in modern times, blondes still represent something noble.


Blondes are still the mainstream beauty in Europe and America, but blondes are also divided into different degrees of blondes according to their color shades. Judging from the recent trend, gray hair is becoming more and more popular among celebrities and has become the new hair color trend.


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