Which style is best for me?

Wigs depend on your face. If you are not sure which style is most pleasing to you, please see the following guide and you may be able to find a right wig. On partywardrobe.com website we discuss seven different face shapes (diamond, heart, rectangle, oval, pear, round, square) and which wig face shapes they fit. To determine your face shape, please look in the mirror and pull your hair back.



The diamond-shaped face looks broad cheekbones with a narrow chin and forehead. There are many choices for the face. The diamond face shape needs a style that has dense and loose hair strokes on the forehead and low cheekbones on the chin. Hair should be styled close to the head from the upper cheekbone. Hairlines and fringe will flatter a narrow forehead. Dense hair on the jaw suits styles like a bob or shoulder-length hairstyle. It will slightly shape oval shaped face. Pulling the wig down to the ears also looks great and shows off her pretty cheekbones.



The heart-shaped face has large, broad forehead, high cheekbones (sometimes there is a small peak) and narrow chin that looks like V-shape. In order to flatter the width of the cheekbones, a suitable wig should be such that you can tuck some hair through your forehead. Please keep the hairstyle closer to the head, closer to the eyes, and more hair around & under the jawline and in front of the earlobes. A chin-length bob wig is perfect for this face. Jaws appear wider and face more balanced. Longer and layered hairstyle also good.



This face shape means elongated rectangular face with long straight cheek line. The matching wig should reduce the vertical length. Short or medium length wigs with long lace layers e.g. wedge and layered bob is required. Twisting or sweeping chin and shoulder length hair can also add width. Medium and long layered style with wavy and curly texture will beautify the face and neck because it will darken the line of the square shaped face.

Full lace wigs


This face shape gives no more dominant area than others. An oval face is well proportioned because the length of the face is longer than the width. This face suits many wig styles. Most wigs, short or long, straight or wavy, are suitable. Then decide on the right wig style to highlight your best features like eyes, cheeks or mouth.



This face shape clearly means narrow forehead. The cheekbone and jawline should extend because the chin conforms to a round face. Appropriate wigs for this face are designed to add volume under the jawline. Layer makes fullness on half upper face. Don't be afraid to show your forehead. If you had fringe, angle it slightly and pull it towards the ears. It forms the jaw line and attracts attention. The hair from two sides of the head and at the nape of the neck is best set and combed on a pattern close to the head because other styles increase the part of the lower face.



This face shape means round chin and hairline with widest partial face because of cheekbone. Full lace wigs suit this face. Far from center reduces the circularity. Short wigs with splayed behind or wigs longer than the chin should be considered. Wigs that have layers at the top bring out the fullness. Because the remaining hair that is close to the face makes your face longer and narrower.



This face shape means quite square jawline with equally square hairline. The matching wigs should have the height of the crown and narrowness of the sides. The height of the peak lengthens the symmetrical square shape. From short to medium-long wigs, especially wavy or round fringes can beautify the angular shape. Far from center parts with high crown looks good on square face. A wig with layers and fringe pieces is another way to frame your face.