Some problems often encountered when buying wigs

1. Can I wear a wig to sleep at night?


We do not recommend it because it will deteriorate more quickly due to friction, and you risk losing it if it is not fixed to your head. But, if you feel the need or if it is necessary you can wear it, when you wake up it will however require disentangling and styling (our advice: have a conditioner close at hand or in your bedside table to reshape it). For good support, we recommend a fixing solution such as clips or double-sided tape to spend a peaceful night.


2. Will wearing a wig stop hair from growing back?


Wearing a hair wig does not prevent or slow hair regrowth in any way, as wigs are made and designed to allow the scalp to breathe.

So you can keep wearing your wig until your hair is ready for a whole new cut.

Know that there are people who absolutely do not want to see themselves without hair throughout their treatment. Their wig is therefore glued on the head and they carry out their maintenance in a hair salon. At the end of the treatment, these people regain their hair and wearing the wig has in no way slowed down or stopped the regrowth.

human hair wigs

3. Will my wig fall or fly away?


Above all, it is essential to choose a wig adapted to your head circumference. It is also important to know that each frame is adjustable thanks to its system of elastic bands. If these criteria are respected and moreover, if your skull is bare, your wig will hold perfectly. However, if you feel a sliding sensation due to your own hair underneath, we advise you to wear a mesh or nylon cap under your wig, an anti-slip headband or clips to sew on your wig that will attach to your hair.


4.Can I dye or cut my wig?


First of all, be aware that natural and synthetic hair wigs have undergone heavy transformations to have their current color. The processes used are completely different from conventional staining. This is why coloring is only possible on 100% natural hair wigs. To do this, however, we recommend that you try the color on a small section to see how the hair will react. Regarding the cut, we advise you to turn to a hair professional if you want to make changes to it.