How to properly maintain your wigs?

As we age or experience great stress in our lives, our hair starts to lose and thin out. Do you want your hair to look full at the top of your head? Do you want to hide your thinning hair? Wigs are a perfect choice because they can help you with these problems. Maybe you are interested in it, but you are a beginner and don't know how to make your hair wigs look very natural. So in this article, we will show you how to make your hair wigs look natural.


1. What is a wig? 

There are various types of wigs which help to cover the different stages of the head that are exposed due to the various stages of hair loss. The size of the wig will usually vary depending on the coverage you need and you can choose the right size and dimensions for your needs.


2. How can you make your wigs look more natural?

If you already have a wig, you must want to know how to make it look more natural. Besides trying to choose a high quality real human hair wig, there are now many ways to make your wigs look very natural.


2.1 Pick the right wigs size

In order to make your wigs more natural, you need to choose a wig that corresponds to the shape of your head. This is because it will look more pleasing to the eye, have a high degree of realism and give a very natural look.

real human hair wig

2.2 Trim your wigs

Most wigs need to be trimmed after purchase to match your hair length and unique style. It is very necessary for you to customize your wigs by trimming it, as this will help it blend in best with your own natural hairs.


You need to pay special attention to one thing: If you are not confident in trimming your hair wigs, consult a stylist. They may be able to help you trim and style your wigs until it fully meets your needs and expectations.


2.3 Keeping your hair wigs clean


Keeping your hair wigs clean is crucial. If your wigs are dirty, it will negatively affect their appearance and give them a very unnatural look. Not to mention tangles, they can make them look even more unnatural and give the impression of bad quality.


Therefore, you need to use a gentle shampoo designed for wigs and a conditioner on a regular basis. This is the only way to keep your wigs clean. Cleaning wigs properly can make them look very natural.


2.4 Use a wide tooth comb


A wide tooth comb with a large distance between the teeth has less friction on the wigs and can prevent as little damage to the wig as possible. It can make the hair wigs look natural. The teeth of a wide-tooth comb blend into the top of the hair wigs like bristles, making it look more realistic and natural. In addition, running the comb through the hair wigs before it dries can help add volume to the wigs.


2.5 Choosing the right color


Choosing the right color is especially necessary to make the wigs look natural. You need to choose a hair top color that is similar to your natural hair color, which can make your wigs look more realistic. But it is okay if you choose a color that is not close. Because our real-life wigs are made from natural human hair, you can compare it to your natural color and then dye or tone it to match your hair perfectly. This can make your hair look more natural and realistic.


2.6 Don't apply too much force


Using too much force on your wig can damage it, making it more unnatural and impractical. So if you want to maintain the natural look of your wigs, you should not apply extra force to them and you need to be more careful with them when tending to them as they are more fragile than your natural hair.


2.7 Protect your wigs from the sun


As we all know, wigs can give us a different style. But we should protect them from the sun. Because sunlight will not only damage our skin, but also our wigs. It can make the top of the hair dry and fade. You'd better stay away from the sun to make the wig completely natural.


2.8 Keep your wig dry before going to bed


You should dry your wig before going to bed to keep it more natural. If you go to bed with wet hair, your wig may get tangled and knotted, and it may take you a long time to brush them out. Not only will this waste your time, but it will also damage your wigs and make them look even less natural. So you need to blow dry your wigs before you go to bed.


2.9 Storing wigs properly


If your wig is not in use, you should clean it up and put it on a wig stand or wrap it in a silk bag, which will prevent your wig from being damaged. One thing is worth your attention: you should store it in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight and air humidity. Storing your wig in the right way will make your wig more natural.



There are several ways available for you to study how to make your wig more natural. You can't just watch, you need to learn. This is the only way to get a better knowledge. So click here to choose the right wigs for yourself: partywardrobe wigs.