How long is a 16 inch wig? And what you should know about 16-inch wigs?

When shopping for the perfect wig, you should consider many factors, such as texture, color, and wig construction, but don't forget to take care of your wig length. The length of the wig not only affects the price of the wig, but also the effect of wearing it.


If you're looking for a medium-length wig, suggests you might consider a 16-inch wig. Compared to longer wigs, 16-inch wigs are great for experiencing long hair without being too messy. Below is our guide to choosing a 16" wig.


How long is a 16-inch wig?
A 16" straight wig (40cm wig) can be dropped down to the shoulders and chest. This is a length where you can have a neat and clean medium length hairstyle.


The textured 16" wig is shoulder length and the wig can extend to the shoulder. So a curly 16-inch wig is a great way to experience a medium-length wig.


16 inch wig length table

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How to measure a 16 inch wig?


The correct way to know the length of a wig is to measure from the roots around the crown of the head to the ends of the hair.


If you have a 16" curly wig or a 16" body wave wig, you should stretch the wig. Because a 16" wig with textures like curls and a wavy look may be shorter than a 16" silk straight wig. Many beginners are confused about the length of the wig after receiving the wig of their choice, and usually wigs for curly hair wig are shorter in length than wigs for straight hair wig.

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How to choose the best wig length?

1. Consider how your results will look

If you want versatility in length, volume, and style, longer lengths are a better option. The 16" wig length is perfect for shoulder length hairstyles and shorter ponytail looks.


2. Consider your height

If you are a petite girl, avoid choosing wigs with very long hair. Otherwise, the wig will make you look shorter. If you are taller, you can choose a longer length.


3. Know the texture

As we mentioned above, wigs of the same inches can result in different lengths due to hair texture. So if you should consider the texture of the wig in your cart.