How To Choosing Your Wigs Material

There are so many wigs available from, how do you ever narrow down the choices to the best ones for you? Let’s break down the first set of questions you need to ask yourself, how many wigs materials do you know? You need to know more about the basics of wigs and help you make an informed purchasing decision.


Wig Fiber/Material


 “What is the price range you are willing to spend on a wig?” and “Do you want synthetic fibers, human hair, or do you have no preference?”


In most cases, price is tied to the type of fibers you want and the type and amount of finishes you desire. For the sake of clarity, let’s lay out some terms and define them in the way that I will be discussing them here:


Human Hair – Human hair wigs are made of “natural hair”. That hair can be of Indian, Chinese or European origin. Some wigs even include animal hair like yak.


Human Hair Blends - Human hair (30%) and synthetic (70%) mixed in most cases. This hybrid can offer the convenience of synthetic and a more “natural” look that you can get from human hair wigs.


Synthetic – A variety of manufactured fibers of various textures – also referred to fake, faux hair or synthetic wigs.


Name brand wigs – Some name brand wigs are referred to as medical wigs as they are made for those who are wearing wigs for medical reasons. Name Brand Wigs come “ready to wear” with high end finishes.


Affordable wigs – Wigs that you can find in a Beauty Supply Store and online, customizable, and often come in a wide variety of textures.


hair wigs


Human hair wigs are going to be priced higher than wigs with synthetic fibers. Name Brand or “medical wigs”, are going to be more expensive than affordable or beauty supply store wigs.  Why a price difference? Human hair is more expensive because it’s “real” hair and obviously cannot be mass produced like synthetic fibers can.  Moreover, if you want a human hair wig that is the same texture and color as your bio hair – depending on your ethnicity and the color - it can drastically impact the price. 


Name brand/medical wigs come as close to “ready-to-wear” as possible.  They can have high-end finishes and comforts including bendable ear tabs, monofilament caps, and hand-tied lace fronts, to name a few. 


Affordable wigs have come a long way in the last few years.  They can come with many of the same high-end finishes as name brands.  Still, there are many great additions and differences that set the price.  One huge difference is the market and demographic that is available for affordable wigs versus name brand.  


And we learn how to distinguish wig materials today, which can ensure that we can screen high-quality wigs by price; Affordable wigs may need to be plucked, the part could require setting in a particular way, and lace fronts may need to be cut to your head shape and preferences, etc.